Visualize. Understand. Optimize.

Compliance Einhaltung, Kundensegmentation, Liquiditätsfluss

Your challenge

Medium-sized companies usually work on a base of established, informal process structures. They often lack an overview of optimization and economic potentials until already existing difficulties become obvious and expensive to solve. Instead of identifying and eliminating sources of error in advance, errors are being analyzed and corrected when they occur.

We can change that. By Process Mining
Prozesstransparenz durch Process Mining
Data Science für objektive Prozessanalysen

Our mission

The GmbH & Co. KG is an independent IT consulting company. It is our aim to provide medium-sized companies with Process Mining and Data Science tools.

The joint application of our Data Science and Process Mining solutions enables your company to visualize the process knowledge which your data already contains and makes the compliance of your individual KPIs verifiable at any time.

The approach

Visualize. Understand. Optimize.
We enable your company to visualize autonomously and at any time, all processes in a chart so that all sequences are ready for analyzing. You won’t need to run an additional isolated application parallel to your systems.

Our tools will become part of your existing business intelligence architecture. You don’t need to make changes in your systems as our algorithms work independently, performant, free of risk, transparent and in familiar functionality of your BI software. delivers out-of-the-box-solutions for Qlik Sense and Microsoft Power BI. We open the door to your business processes.
Individuell zugeschnitten oder vorkonfektioniert für Qlik Sense und Power BI

Our customers and partners

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Power BI

Examples showing the integration of Process Mining ( for Power Bi) into the Power BI environment

Qlik Sense

Examples showing the integration of Process Mining ( for Qlik Sense) into the Qlik Sense environment


Examples of tailored services and staff workshops