Privacy policy

We are your partner in the conscious handling and analysis of sensitive data. Therefore we act deliberately and do not engage in aimless data collection on our website. We do not use web tracking or set tracking cookies - a visit to this website will not leave any cookies in your browser.

What do we save when using this website?

When using our site, for technical reasons - the web server must know where and in what form to send its images and texts - some data that can be considered personal will temporarily be collected on our site. These access data are transmitted by your browser to the remote station - in this case our server - when loading each image and text. They are stored by us for 7 days in so-called log files in order to be able to solve technical problems if necessary.
After that we only have the data in aggregated form, for example "how many requests came from Windows computers on Tuesday ?" and are no longer personal.

This is the data that we store for 7 days:

  • Visited page at our website
  • The page from which you came to this site - if revealed by the browser
  • Time at time of access
  • Quantity of data sent
  • Used Browser
  • Used operating system
  • Used IP address

What do we store when you contact us?

When you click on a mail address on our website, your computer opens your normal mail program. A subject is suggested, but can be changed by you. When you send and receive emails, data for the purpose of delivering and archiving emails naturally also accumulates on both sides - and at many possible intermediate points. Your email address and the content of the email can undoubtedly be regarded as personal.

We are required by law to retain our business mail - including many emails - for various purposes. What this ultimately means in the context of the DSGVO is unfortunately still very unclear. Email traffic with us is therefore stored for up to 10 years, depending on the content.

If you want your communication with us deleted, please contact us.

Your personal telephone number also belongs to the personal data. If you call us, we may want to call you back.

Therefore we create an entry in our internal telephone book, in which your name, your company, if applicable the time and reason of your contact, your telephone number(s) and if applicable your email address(es) are stored. If you inform us that you do not want this to happen, we will refrain from doing so and delete this entry.

We never sell your data and we treat every dialogue with you as confidential.

External services / commissioned data processing

We operate most of our infrastructure ourselves, but also use services from various providers. These are bound by contracts to act in accordance with the DSGVO. To operate this website, we use services from Microsoft.

Microsoft has sign the EU-US-Privacy-Shield-Framework and also assures in the contract we conclude with them "to meet the requirements for processors in accordance with Article 28 and other articles of the DSGVO". See also: GDPR frequently asked questions

In addition, we select storage locations in Germany or at least in the EU for all data - if offered by MS.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Data protection and DSGVO / GDPR is an important, interesting but also complex topic that must also be taken into account when planning and implementing projects in the field of business intelligence and process mining.