Power BI Integration

Integration of process.science Process Mining in Power BI

Power BI Overview

Power BI

process.science analyzes your business processes with low expense in usually no more than two days. The groundwork doesn’t require laborious, subjectively perceived staff interviews. Our transfers all events from your ERP system and displays it in an interactive process chart. In this way it makes your without subjective influence.

A little taste

The three videos below demonstrate a few possibilities of our process mining tool in Power BI. No more blind flight. No more decisions based on assumptions. Complete process transparency at all times: process data don’t lie.

Lead Times

Lead Times

This example shows average lead times of diverse product categories, from order confirmation to delivery. Process Mining in Power BI identifies call orders with exceptionally long lead times, when the supplier is being used as an external warehouse. This example also shows the production figures of product categories. During further proceedings, every production number can be allocated to a client and order.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

This video shows receivables followed by payment reminders, which have been closed out although no payment was received. This example also identifies the particular clients and order values. Process Mining in Power BI helps finding receivables that have been closed by mistake.

Target Process Divergences

Target Process Divergences

Process Mining in Power BI runs all process sequences through its target process filter and identifies divergences from the target. These separated cases can be broken down into all levels, e.g. order, client, turnover, underlying lead times and more.

Test Process Mining
for Power BI

We offer you two ways to try out process.science for Power BI: a Free Visual and a Test Drive version. Both apps are approved by Mircosoft and available for download in Microsoft AppSource.

Amongst many benefits
ps4PBI also features

Direct Integration

Embedded in your existing Business Intelligence tool functionality in your familiar system environment.

Efficient Implementation

Quick embedding into your systems, minimal expenditure of cost & time to a working process mining solution.

Best Practices

Take advantage of our experience in process analysis and process mining projects with various BI- and ERP systems.

Absolute Data Security

The data remain in your BI systems and does not leave the company.

Risk-free Installation

No changes to your software systems and no interference in your day-to-day business.

Lifetime Updates

Benefit from each of our innovations through continuous lifetime updates.


Start now

Start analyzing and optimizing your processes today. Please contact us for an individual offer.