Web seminar: Data-driven process optimization with process mining

Mar 8, 2021

Web seminar: Data-driven process optimization with process mining

Web seminar together with our partner TME AG (German)

The web seminar offers insights into best practices of data-driven process optimization based on data traces in systems.

About the topic

Process-oriented corporate management is the central strategic instrument for strengthening competitiveness and increasing the value of a company. Process transformation initiatives therefore have a key role to play in improving corporate efficiency and effectiveness. At the same time, modern processes are now more complex, dynamic and interconnected than ever before. However, with the digitization of entire business functions, processes have also become much more invisible. Processes and value chains should be viewed in a data-based manner. This is where process mining comes in.

For whom the event is interesting

The webinar is aimed at interested parties who are responsible in their day-to-day work for the management and further development of company-wide, divisional or departmental processes or who have links to business process management, HR & process analytics or automation initiatives via the corporate strategy or organizational development. In this webinar we want to talk with you about hurdles, solution approaches and best practices when using process mining solutions. There will be plenty of time for your questions afterwards.


  • How is modern process management evolving?
  • What potential do you have for optimizing your processes and how can you determine this systematically and data-based?
  • What are the challenges of implementing data-driven process optimization with process mining?
  • Which concrete use cases can be handled with process mining?