Strategic partnership with TME AG

Mar 18, 2021

Strategic partnership with TME AG

TME and enter into a strategic partnership for data-driven process optimisation for financial service providers.

The Frankfurt-based consultancy TME and the IT specialist are entering into a strategic partnership to sustainably optimise processes of financial service providers by means of process mining. To this end, both companies will work on solutions that enable faster identification and implementation of digitalisation potential in processes.

Combined expertise for maximum customer benefit

"We are very pleased about the partnership," explains Thomas Deibert, partner at TME. "With, and the use of process mining technology, we support our customers in data-driven process optimisation." The prerequisite for the successful use of the technology is the technical know-how and methodology in processes. An added value that both partners now offer their customers in the cooperation. "Together we increase transparency, standardisation and quality in process flows in customer projects," says Lucas Schroth, founder and managing director of

Process mining provides time-efficient process data and analyses

Process mining uses the data traces of process flows that accumulate in a company's IT systems to reconstruct and analyse business processes - even in real time. This makes process mining a solution for effective optimisation and control of processes on the one hand and the basis for automation on the other.

Competitive advantage through data-based and process-oriented corporate management

Process-oriented corporate management is the central strategic instrument for strengthening competitiveness and increasing the value of a company. However, with the digitalisation of entire business functions, processes are also becoming more complex and intransparent. Innovative, effective and cost-efficient solutions are needed to drive improvements and transformation of value creation processes. Processes and value chains should be considered in a data-based manner. This is where process mining comes in.

About TME AG

TME AG is a consultancy specialised in digital transformation based in Frankfurt am Main and a member of the Christ&Company network. It accompanies its clients through the challenges of change within an organisation with the aim of being able to serve new customer requirements digitally, effectively and promptly. From the structural adaptation of business models and products as well as services with digital measures, to the establishment of flexible organisational forms and collaboration models, to the set-up of automated, intelligent processes.

About GmbH und Co. KG is an independent IT specialist that makes process mining and data science tools available to companies. The combined use of data science and process mining solutions helps companies to carry out data-driven process optimisations by visualising and harnessing the hidden process knowledge already contained in data and checking compliance with KPIs.